Funding via Community Events and Business Arrangements

The actual specifics of our funding are the province of administrative office and directorship and involve regulations pertaining to CSB and Governmental Agencies far beyond the kin of this committee.

However, the described ‘funding’ arrangements that pertain to Community Events and arrangements within the Business Community are not necessarily designed to be sustainable sources of funding at all (although they could be, if approved for such measures). In fact, in the sustainable future, these and many other types of augmented funding should be considered as pragmatic possibilities, as each funding source contributes to the overall whole and helps to foster the means necessary to ensure enhanced quality of service.*

What is the Real Purpose of these Efforts?

The purpose of these ‘Funding’ efforts really boils down to the opportunity to create in-roads into the Community (both at-large and the Business Community (see below)) in ways that they can relate to in actionable terms.

For example, ‘Fund Raising’ Events are a marvelous way for the Community to turn out and get to know us and one another, have a good time, take photos (that are subsequently shared on social media) and have shared memories that they can discuss and recount later. This creates what is known in marketing circles as a ‘long tail’, meaning that it pays dividends long after the actual event and it’s promotional campaign are over. Marketers are quite fond of ‘Events’ and consider the PR worth every penny of effort and expense. It is the same in our case, only we garner the additional benefit of Community Engagement and Networking Opportunity.


Arrangements with the Business Community

The situation involving the Business Community is somewhat different. In this case, our Engagement efforts are related to our Supportive Employment Program  and the ability to recruit (and train) qualified participants and secure appropriate placement opportunities that are a good and beneficial fit (both for the Business and our Clients).

It is vital that our focus should be on Business Community Networking  and Personal Liaison with Business ownership and Business Leaders. There are a multitude of creative approaches that open the door to expanded possibility here, for a discussion of these, see (  ).


* additionally, at a time when elected representatives are looking to pare every penny to the bone, sustainable funding initiatives generate favorable attention in the way of grants directed toward the start-up of novel initiatives that end up saving taxpayers in the long run.