Innovative Curricula

We are at the forefront of state-of-the-art delivery and pedagogical methodologies in order to bring you every conceivable advantage for hope, empowerment, freedom, autonomy, dignity and healthy wellbeing.

Help us assist you in targeting your goals to bring forth a better life and quality living.

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Sidewalk Chalkboard

In the tradition of Dr. Dougherty of ASU, who used to do the accounting for the whole college in pencil on the sole of his shoe.



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Micro-Classes are Dynamic often Spontaneous, refreshingly Interactive, and consist of a Complex and Immanently Relevant smorgasbord of factual worldly knowledge and wisdom.

Every Story has a mountain to climb and there is transformational work needed before accomplishing it. Our Story is no different. See what it took to make our Vision work…

In addition to the struggles relayed above, we discovered helpful nuances that contributed to the formation of a little work-related Philosophy of Life that afforded us the following Benefits; we were able to…

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the Future is Social
Community is Global

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Our Micro Classes

Which are very tiny, but somewhat like Quantum Particles, manage to populate the World with Material and Substance…

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Small Group Dynamics and Individually Customized
Information Flow

Mini-Labs & Micro-Classes

Mini-Labs gives us the raw Data from which we build our Information Architecture for a broad Perspective of where we need to focus. 

From this, we are well informed and prepared to better educate via dynamic and spontaneously emerging Micro-Classes.

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The On-Site Equivalent
to our
Famously Innovative
Social Labs Initiative

Social Labs at Harmony House was an innovative Community Engagement Initiative which enabled us to paint in broad and varied strokes upon a Data Canvas of Virtual Creative Experimentation. It was Technological and Scientific but afforded us elaborate access to Complex Modeling for Community Action.

The results are multivalent and positive. One result emerged as ‘Social Labs 2.0’

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Community House Publications

Community House is home to our own Newsletter which is published by our Membership Contributors. We plan to feature this Newsletter in a digital on-line format in the future.

Additionally, many Harmony House Members keep Journals and publish their own Websites and Blogs. We loosely refer to this as the Community House Publication Syndicate.

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Our Most Awesome Feature

Fully Representative

Every Member, every Attendee, every Guest and Visitor is Fully Represented and Part of our Community and Dynamic Small-Groups Engine. Our People are the Core that drives our Agency.

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Extra Possibilities

Design Chiralities

Provide your textual content with the best experience by sharing the most sharply detailed and finest clarity in images.

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We Salute Our Vast
Assemblage of Contributors

Sometimes being a Contributor means dedication and sacrifice, other times you just have to do it because something inside yearns for expression. In All cases, you are greatly appreciated: nothing gets done without our community and its tireless efforts!

You constitute the Social Capital here at Community House.

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