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In examining the issue of the ‘Ideal’ Man/Woman, we began with the central question: “what are men for?” and seeking the learned experience of our Individuals with children, as it applies to selecting a husband, raising boys, supervising the dating years and feelings encountered when the son marries and moves away.

We generalized this to fathers with their daughters. In doing this, various traits of the idealized male/female role emerged, which the majority of our Individuals were able to relate to (for instance, in a dating context).  

Drawing from a list of these Idealized role models, we developed a ‘whole’ human set of characteristics that apply to Recovery and Wellbeing:

  • ambition,
  • persistence,
  • resilience,
  • adaptability,
  • stamina/endurance,
  • flexibility,
  • caring,
  • sensitive,
  • strength, etc.