Positive Mental Health

Positive Mental Health approaches build upon our strengths rather than our deficits and problems. Strength-based and Individualized, we are looking at ourselves through appreciative inquiry as to our goal-setting for recovery. This is a major difference from traditional, illness-based approaches which focus on problems and deficits. Positive Mental Health at Community House are courses designed to foster:

  • Hopefulness: People may be left feeling demoralized as a result of their condition. Rehabilitation focuses on giving people hope.
  • Empowerment: Each individual needs to feel that they are able to set their own goals and have the power and autonomy to pursue those aims.

Key principles that guide the Psychosocial Rehab course work in Positive Mental Health are:

  • We all have potential that can be developed.
  • Everyone has a right to self-determination.
  • We emphasize the individual’s strengths rather than their symptoms.
  • Each person’s needs are unique.