Mental Health & Toxic Relationships Depicted in the Venus & Mars Personality Archetypes and Ecology

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Since the group is called Venus and Mars, Facilitator introduced a review of the Venus and Mars Archetype, noting that Mars (Aries in the Greek) was born into the household of Zeus and Hera at a time when there was great conflict in the parents’ marriage. We noted how this influenced Aries’ personality development (as well as his two sisters).

Through Socratic Learning, the group was lead to contribute about the unhealthy effects of toxic relationships (especially with respect to the vulnerable), sharing words like ‘break-down’, ‘go crazy’, ‘illness’, ‘disease’, etc. as relates to Mental Health (both positive and negative).

Group discussion emerged along the lines of Ecology (the relationship of plants to animals, atmospheric conditions, toxic environment, etc.). Facilitator noted that Earth is our home and when it comes to relationships, the same context is present with the environment as we find in the nuclear family with regard to healthy environment or unhealthy conditions. Together we discovered that Relationships are the Key to Good Mental Health.