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The Value of

Community Advocacy

It takes a lot of connections to get placed in a favorable position in today’s world. Without Fern’s community networking expertise, I might have floundered in frustration for years.

The Value of Our Services

Located at our in-house Recruiting wing, the Supportive Employment Program provides vocational training and work opportunities in a dedicated and structured program that includes paid work for participating individuals through various “contracts” and “for hire” opportunities on the “work crew.”  The program also provides training, assistance with obtaining a job, and job coaching for those individuals desiring competitive employment in the community.

Supportive Employment is a central pillar in our core programmatics. For example, we have members who assist with the maintenance and up-keep of our facility who are learning about the responsibilities of running their own landscape or janitorial business, as they earn money on the job. Similarly, the Institute Cafeteria is staffed by Supportive Employment members who also earn pay while learning to run a commercial kitchen. Our famous short-order chef provides appealing haute-cuisine appetizers while perfecting his mastery of the trade and several members are involved in the service industry (catering, hosting, etc.).

Several members are involved in our French Intensive Organic gardens, producing wholesome food that is skillfully prepared in our food program. Each year brings a surplus of fresh organics and florals that we offer at our yearly community bazaar; which has become very popular.

Our landscaping branch has led to small business ventures for those who have some experience already but wanted to learn more about enterprise. And of course our computer literacy classes tie in perfectly to those entrepreneurs looking to form their own start-ups.

Supportive Employment Services has proven to be invaluable in our Community Engagement Initiative, in that by finding appropriate placement for our extended community, we develop liaison with community businesses and organizations thereby furthering our valuable network connections deeply within the community at large. These business-network liaisons have proven themselves worth more than their weight in gold for recruiting and community support purposes.

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Small steps. A little at a time. Trying to run before you can stand on your own is a good way to stumble and fall down. Let’s make sure we don’t try to bite off more than we can chew. That way, there’s less pressure on you and our business networks stay happy with us too. That will greatly benefit you in the long run.

Also, the right placement is important. Why accept an improper placement somewhere where you feel like you just don’t fit? And then you wind up disliking the whole experience. Let’s not go that route. Request a free, friendly assessment and we’ll start from there. Easy.


What we offer :

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Every Program even remotely involved in Employment these days simply must have a pretty impressive video. We will need to put one together for the purpose of promoting and lending credibility to our Supportive Employment Program.

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Our Services

Much of our Service Program revolves around our Consumer/Business/Community Model; a Complex Hybrid of Institutional-Agent cooperation. We feel that the key to our successful future lies in a healthy and mutual dynamic symbiosis, that is supportive, constructive, healing and holistic.

While the core of our onsite services revolve around our day program and our member individuals, their job skills support prepares them for re-entry into the commercial and business sector in new and creative ways that address the shortfall of earlier attempts which let our community fall through the cracks under-served.

Many of our Supportive Employment Initiatives advocate for Public/Private Liaison Networks that create expanded opportunity for Business and Community at-large, while securing qualified Individuals without the inefficiencies of resorting to untested aspects of the general labor market. These aspects are, naturally, responsive and emergent.

Job Skills

For some, running their own small business or forming a startup makes the most sense. Many have said it was just what they were looking for. Still others simply want to build up their resume. Personal branding is highly important in today's business climate.

Everything from line serving in the cafeteria to kitchen management and short-order chef are on the menu here. Beyond that there are often opportunities in catering and events. Some entrepreneurial startups are working to hosting their own food-truck, etc.

There are plenty of low stress opportunities for Private Gardener or small estate lawn maintenance and landscaping positions. As we learn to master the up-keep around here, we are taking the small-business skills training so that we can run or manage our own crew some day.

I once worked with a lady in a lucrative Sales position who left all that money (and high-stress) to run her own Cleaning Service Agency, eventually hiring her own crew of workers and establishing a full load of constant clients. We start you out here and your progress down the road is an unlimited future.

Our Supportive
Employment Program

Skills, Presentation, Timing & Connections


Every citizen would like to feel that she is contributing to her community and making a difference to those around her. Lack of opportunity is marginalizing. This is where we can help.



Many commercial recruiters are dubious if not downright shady. You never know if their placement will be the right fit or they are just making their quota. We take care to find the right placement based on your needs.


Our Partnership is a four-way winner between you and us, as well as involving the business and the community at large. Everybody has skin in the game, so everyone is willing to work for success.


You can’t find supportive expansion of your skills in a more supportive environment than you get right here. Your continued growth and personal development are important to us, just like they are to you.