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Would you like to earn a ton of money while having the opportunity to work with social media influencers and stars? If so, you should reach out to me now! I’m looking for talented individuals who can create content, design graphics, and manage social media. I’ll teach you the skills you need and make you an expert in your field.

You can be a social media “star” without the need of expensive equipment, makeup, or styling. You just need to have a good story (or content). We help aspiring social media stars become the next big thing. You don’t have to be famous to be in the spotlight. Our company, a Social Media Star Maker, recruits from the ranks of ambitious social media platforms -such as YouTube, Instagram, and Tumblr- the creatives, content makers, and those who post regularly and often. We find that our team has made stars out of ordinary people who had no idea they were on their way to fame!

Did you know that over 10 million people on Instagram are using the hashtag #success? Social Media creatives also crave for more- and we provide it! Our team of Development Consultants is available to offer personal, professional mentoring, as well as opportunities for exposure to top brands. Get a Global experience with our Development Consultant who will work with you on a plan, including the best hashtags to use, what time of day to post, how often to post, and how to expand your brand’s growth for a brighter future.There are thousands of creatives who have amazing talent in the social media space with an inclination to grow their personal brand. Our team of professional development consultants will help you leverage your creativity and unique abilities to become influencers in the digital marketing space. Whether you’re a social media manager, marketer, or an entrepreneur, we’re here to help you accelerate your personal brand.


How We Work



Stories of the right person at the right place, or the best content, don’t need an introduction. We’re a social media experience that brings the internet to life by capturing stories & conversations and turning them into meaningful and relevant content. A conversational narrative is born.


We’re a social media content creator that helps companies and brands tell stories on their social media channels. We work with companies and brands to create meaningful back stories, create engaging content and find unique ways to have conversations with their audience in a way that engages them.




In the age of fake news and trolling, many young people feel they have lost the power to shape their conversations on social media. However, we provide a way to create conversation on social media. We create discussion around trending topics and help people find answers to questions in their communities. We enliven the internet by creating a conversational narrative where people can shape their own story and ensure they stay up-to-date with current events.


Your company is already on social media, you’re already doing your thing. We’re here to help with your social media strategy, to develop your brand and bring you the support of a developmental consultant.


What if you have the opportunity to have a consultant, with 20+ years of experience, work with you one on one to help you not just be more successful but grow your business with your own unique personal brand. Start by setting up a free consult and find out what they can do for you.


Marketing is like working a crowd. You need to build a strong rapport with them, and make them feel safe to be open with you. Your social media presence is the icebreaker that’ll get conversations going. We can help you make your presence stronger, more cohesive, and more effective.

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Selling services to corporations or businesses and want to work with social media creative artists? I deliver customized portfolio development services for artists. I work with celebrities and influencers as well. I also teach you how to start your own business on social media. Contact me!

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Social media consultants are a new breed of professionals who are in high demand. They work on a day-to-day basis with clients to carry out social media campaigns, manage their social media presence and create content for their business. Social media consultants have to be available 24/7 and have to be able to work long hours. The biggest challenge for them is the lack of structure in their clients’ artistic worldview. We are accustomed to working with that so you don’t have to.

Developmental Consultants who recruit from ambitious social media artists

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Media Creatives

Do you have a flair for creativity and art? Are you a talented and driven digital marketer interested in developing your own content? If you are an aspiring media creator or social media content poster, we are looking for you. The job is easy, all you need to do is post videos and other social media content in the same manner as you already do. We network and synergize your efforts on our complex adaptive syndicate while promoting your personal brand at the same time. The results are exponential dynamite!


The digital media and social media industry is growing exponentially. If you have the talent to create engaging visuals, videos and content for YouTube, we’re a leading company for providing top-notch services. We have a lot of opportunities for you to work with our team of experts in this field who have been working in the industry for more than 10 years. You’ll get all the resources, training and guidance that you need as well as career growth opportunities with us. If our company sounds like the right fit, send us a short video explaining why you want to work with us, what sets you apart, and your story.


Numerous celebrities and influencers have been able to make a killing on social media and we want to be the ones who help you do the same. We’re a team of experts who will show you how to develop your personal brand, grow your social following, and create revenue for your business. Allowing you to get the most out of your potential.


Social Media Personalities are people who have a large following and constantly produce content. They have been known to struggle with keeping their followers engaged and interested in the things they post. Our Developmental Consultant can mentor them on personal branding and business models to help them grow a large following.


Christina is a 22-year-old social media personality with over 10,000 followers on Instagram. But with her popularity has come difficulties as she faces a never-ending battle between posts that she wants to upload and posts that will get the most likes and shares. We bridge the gap with our Developmental Consultant who helps Christina produce content that gets more likes and shares, while providing mentorship on personal branding and business models.   •   212 - 222 - 2242

We Build Lasting Relationships Between Recruits & the Industry

The world needs more originality, authenticity, and creativity in media, so we’re building a virtual reality where the best minds come together to create an unprecedented level of impact. The ability to work together on one project from all over the world at the same time, harnessing the creative talent of all our members, is a powerful opportunity for collaboration. We offer a collaborative environment for creatives to thrive as Media Creatives – individuals who have proven their ability to not only create great content but also activate leadership in the field.

The internet has garnered a significant global audience, and in the next five years, the majority of advertising dollars are projected to shift from TV to digital. That’s why we’ve built the first ever social media company that leverages the immense power of individual creativity, catapulting content creators to new heights as they team up with a legendary social media influencer to create memes and videos that go viral around the world.

Inspired by the film industry, we have created an online/offline workflow that combines the best of all possible worlds. We give our creators the opportunity and resources to produce high-quality multimedia experiences, meaningful contribution, moments in time and beautiful memories. Or team of Media Creatives is a guild of international creators who, together with their global community, are creating the most amazing content yet.

Our Expert Team

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We are a small company with big ambitions. We believe that the world is one big interconnected system and that the best way to make change is to start a conversation about it. We have built a powerful platform of complex resonant networks, powered by high-speed fiber optic cables, that amplify the electric potential of creative ambition by connecting people with the same interests.

When our people come together, they generate an electric potential. We have discovered a powerful platform of complex resonant networks that amplify the electric potential of creative ambition. This means that when you engage with our members, you not only tap into their power, but also transpond their ideas! We are able to do this because we connect people with technological harmonics that increase engagement and connection while strengthening our peak bioenergetic synchronicity. It’s a proven technique that will help you to amplify your creativity and quantum field strength, while generating sympathetic entrainments in the global consciousness.


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the new movement

Global Intuitives

The world has changed. People are striving to be more and more productive, but they are struggling to find the time and motivation to pursue their creative passions. This is not a sustainable or fulfilling way of living. The indie creative movement created a way for people to do what they love on their own terms, in ways that are natural, and with people who inspire them. Join us in the life of the enlightened renaissance soul: Indie Creatives are the new now of Plenitude and Sustainable Superabundance.


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If you've been in the industry for some time and don't have a prestigious social media profile, you are missing out on opportunities. Social Media Recruiters helps ambitious masters like you craft a sophisticated and successful social media profile that reflects your true value.

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Our platform connects top talent with employers in various industries across 11 global dimensions. We’ve got a variety of innovative geniuses from entry level to executive level available! Like a parallel timeline with your own Einstein double.

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We have recruiting partnerships across the globe, making it possible for you to find collaboration from any angle, no matter where you are. Search from intelligent AI networks or submit your latest thought to be activated and electrified.

We’ll help you build your dream career

Find the perfect fit for your skills and experience, or learn about our latest strategies by strolling through our projective simulations. We can help you find a new angle that will inspire you and charge you up.

Less time, more results

Modern cyber-algebra calculates the ratio of value vs. time. We can’t afford to get hung up twiddling away at glitchy embroilments. Go straight to the fellow creatives with ambitions equal to your own and get things done without all the song and dance. Accomplish more by lunchtime than others do all week.

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Our expertise in Social Architecture ensures your brand’s authority attains powerful street cred down to the grassroots level. Community Building is what it’s all about for a profoundly meaningful new movement.

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We’ve compiled the most talented, professional and ambitious experts from around the world to work with you on the Platform of Electronic Indie Creatives. Connect with us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more to get your project accelerated and electrified.

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We have access to every type of industry, every niche, skill set, and every talent pool imaginable. This means that no matter what project you have in mind, we can find someone near you who’s perfect for the job.