Indie Publishing Platform

Community House is already an Indie Publisher. We do now and always have published a monthly newsletter, consisting of articles written by our Members and a few by staff. Now that we publish our own website, Wiki, Professional Communiqué, Social Media platform, and Learning Center, we will soon be in position to include our Monthly Newsletter Publication online too. This means that we are a full featured Indie Publishing outfit with all the trimmings.

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What’s more, our established position in the Indie Publishing market clearly affords our Members the privileged opportunity to join in the Indie Publishing movement with their own publications, promotions, artwork, music, blogs, activism, and personal branding as well.

Joining the Indie Publishing movement is an introduction to a much larger world; one where the author begins her journey of personal growth and business acumen. One learns all about marketing and self-advocacy. Being a self-publisher is also being a social activist. You are interconnected with your environment, your niche and your role (or personal brand) within it. Everything is Complex, Interconnected, and Dynamic and you learn to negotiate the various Networks of the world-wide Web.

You become a part of something bigger than yourself; and you grow and become bigger, too. Your Role develops and matures as you advance. And along the way you meet helpful, active, and interesting people like yourself. This all contributes powerfully to your continued education. And it is part and parcel of the Art of Writing.

This is truly the Golden Age for Indie Publishing authors. Because of the globalizing forces of the internet, world markets are opened up like never before. E-commerce and E-Publishing are quite easy and require little to no expense while having an impact well beyond the limitations of national boundaries. This aspect will only continue to grow. Mobile computing affords everyone the ease of carrying around massive stores of information in their shirt pocket. There are greater than 50 million smartphones and the number is rising.