Our Co-Occurring course is focused around a ‘Co-Occurring Diagnosis’ for persons living with Mental Health issues alongside Substance Use/Substance Abuse issues. This dual issue makes addressing one or the other (rather than both) largely ineffective because they are both so interdependent and mutually reinforcing. Often times a Mental Health individual, living in the community has developed a coping strategy that relies upon self-medication (that may include scripts, o.t.c, and/or street drugs). Compounding the difficulties may be the fact that whenever the individual comes into contact with the system he/she incurs twice the stigma: both a diagnosis and a rap.

Many of our members have found great relief in the fact that these complications are not only known about but are shared by many others who are working on their own recovery. Together, we come to terms with the complexities of our daily life and support one another in our journey of hope and recovery.