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My Arrival at Community House

I’ll be honest, when I first came to Community House I was a little nervous. I hadn’t related to people well anyway and I didn’t know what to expect. I have to admit though, the building looked pretty good. It was well-kept and clean-looking and it had a nice, friendly charm. I kind of liked it.

Normally, the parking area has a lot more vehicles, there are members outside doing things, and in good weather the benches are in use.
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Right away, I was greeted by friendly people. Staff took me on a little tour and introduced me around. The members were so kind! Everybody was pleasant and friendly toward me. I got involved in conversations with little groups and the day moved along from one thing to the next. I forgot about being nervous.

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They have a weight-room for workouts
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They do classes and learn things
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And the food is pretty good! They have their own commercial kitchen and prepare it fresh every day

Before I knew it, the day was over and it was time to go home.

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Along came the coronavirus...

Then one day something happened and it wasn’t very good. All the residential facilities had to sequester and the Community House day facility had to furlough until further notice. Members couldn’t attend until the Governor lifted restrictions.

Community House made the adjustment better than most...

A lot of places just didn’t adjust well and they never really bounced back. Community House had to rethink and strategize and they came through with some very innovative solutions

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They went digital and made it possible to access the Virtual Facility in a safe and trustworthy Online Community.

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Then they opened up their digital Learning Center so we could watch their classroom Presentations remotely. Community House is at the forefront in development of Innovative Curricula.

They have their own video and recording studio which affords them in-house production capabilities.

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Harmony News

Indie Publishers

Community House is a complete Indie Publisher, with its own monthly Members Newsletter, a website, and a wiki and a lot of other things (like the Learning Center for digital online classrooms and zoom teleconferencing) that other places just don’t have. 

In fact, Community House’s goals and long-range flexibility make it one of the premier Community Service facilities in the Commonwealth (maybe even the U.S.)!

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