The Time Has Come

Post Covid-19 Rebuilding

Much has changed since Coronavirus swept across the world and it’s time for our Agencies to rebuild and accommodate the new environment

Pandemic Reset

We didn’t recognize what we were looking at because nobody had ever seen anything like this in their lifetime. It caught us off-guard and we were slow to adapt but that is nobody’s fault.

It is said that local residents did not recognize the impending dangers of the Conquistadores when their ships appeared in Vera Cruz harbor because they had no concept of Spanish Men of War.

It is no exaggeration to depict the global virus epidemic as the greatest challenge of our generation. This will be our defining moment and how we deal with it will impact our culture for years to come. Some things will change forever.

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Our Economy, a Complex Adaptive Network, is experiencing disruptive stress of monumental proportions, bringing changes of importance to social, political, international, infrastructure and environmental systems and calling forth new dimensions in services and technology.  No business, field or industry is immune. Some will face impending closure while most are looking into an unknown and uncertain future.

But these deep challenges bring forth great potentials for change and transformation. People feel that the time for renovation has come and the emerging new world is ours to invent, redrawn from the innovative genius bounded only by our imagination and self-imposed constraints.

Interestingly, the blueprints for this rebuilding will come from highly integral fields of analysis –scientific, political, economic, technological, historical and comparative- and include the specialty fields of Social Architecture and Sociology.  Social Services will play a lead role in rebuilding and recovery.

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Post-Covid Rebuilding: Virtualization

Harmony House made the adjustment better than most...

A lot of places just didn’t adjust well and they never really bounced back. Harmony House had to rethink and strategize and they came through with some very innovative solutions

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They went digital and made it possible to access the Virtual Facility in a safe and trustworthy Online Community.

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Then they opened up their digital Learning Center so we could watch their classroom Presentations remotely. Harmony House is at the forefront in development of Innovative Curricula.


Harmony News

Indie Publishers

Harmony House is a complete Indie Publisher, with its own monthly Members Newsletter, a website, and a wiki and a lot of other things (like the Learning Center for digital online classrooms and zoom teleconferencing) that other places just don’t have. 

In fact, Harmony House’s goals and long-range flexibility make it one of the premier Community Service facilities in the Commonwealth (maybe even the U.S.)!

Our Complex Adaptive Network

Our Programmatic Interconnections form a Complex Adaptive Network of Mutual Influences which Resonate Synergistically on all Quadrants and all Lines (AQAL) to encompass multi-level Integration whether Mental, Emotional, Behavioral, Economic, Community-based, Professional, or Membership. It represents a continuous work in progress.