Covid-19 Updates for Harmony House (Danville VA)

A State of Emergency Has Been Declared for Virginia in Response to COVID-19

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Danville's Health Is In Your Hands

Do Your Part: Stay at Home

This situation is rapidly evolving. Find out more about how the Covid-19 Coronavirus is affecting DPCS and what you need to know when it comes to Harmony House and scheduling activities.

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Keeping an Eye on Things for You

At DPCS we care about about people. We are actively monitoring the trends in our area for the safety of our staff and the Individuals that we serve. 

For your convenience, the latest statistics may be found in the section below. Keep in mind that not all cases have been recorded yet and may not show up until later.

(information from VDH & NCDH is updated constantly in real-time & stays current)

...and our Neighbor (North Carolina)