Tiered Communities

Community exists on all levels, in all time-frames. That means that no matter how granular the magnification, whether we zoom in or zoom out, we will find Community. Also no matter whether we take a long-range perspective or look at just a micro-second, we will find evidence of Community Interaction.

For the Sociologist, Community Interaction features Network connections (which come in various forms), beginning with two people, moving to three and beyond. Some interesting features of Network interactions are Self Organization (which means they get organized all by themselves) and Emergence (patterns come forth from out of the indistinguishable background, where we didn’t notice anything there, before).

Since Networks of Community Interaction Emerge from anywhere and try to self-organize, at Community House we try to establish a beneficial growing environment so they can take hold and flourish. 

We do this by giving them a multi-tiered framework to grow on –much like a garden trellis that assures all specimens receive ample moisture and sunlight. That way, every level grows optimally and in harmony with it’s neighbors and adding to the general health and wellbeing of the whole.

Adaptive Learning Communities

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Tiered Community at Harmony House

At Community House, we have designed our Community Liaison Tiers on 3 Levels, with three distinct objectives in mind:

  1. The Social Services Consumer. These are our Membership clients who attend our day treatment services at our Street facility. This is our core Community and our primary concern.
  2. Professional Community Network. This represents our middle layer and consists of Networks of Professional Organizations from around the Commonwealth and NC (Organizations and CSBs), National Organizations, and ad hoc Liaison for Training and Procedural purposes, etc.
  3. Greater Local Community. This consists of 2 very important groups: the Local Business Community and the Community at Large (our Local Citizens).

By actively cultivating and inter-layering these Community Networks, we nurture the synergistic wellbeing of the Whole Social Services Community, which grows and enhances all channels of excellence and opportunity without leaving anyone marginalized or under-served.

Below is a table showing how the 3 Tiers are playing out across the 3 phases of Implementation (Time-Frame/Schedule):

Community Type

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3

Business Community

minimal (PRN)


Fully Engaged

Community At-Large

Virtual Engagement


Fully Engaged

Professional Network

Virtual Liaison


Fully Engaged

Social Services Consumer



Expanded Engagement