Foods Industry Internship

The Food Services Industry Internship program began as a way to place those of our Members who wanted a little more responsibility while earning some pay into on-going roles and positions in-house here at our day-treatment facility. Our budget was low and the positions were very part-time and laid back. However, they worked well for what they accomplished, so we kept them. Additionally, our Supportive Employment Program has worked very hard to match Individuals eager to hold more sustainable jobs with positions in the local Community that might be appropriate (and willing) to host us.

As we continued to build our program, we recognized two interwoven needs: greater liaison with the Small Business Community alongside more in-depth training opportunities for our members. While occupational training is available from a variety of outside agencies (VA Works, Goodwill, etc.), we recognize that the personal support and hands-on opportunities provided right here at Harmony House are more appropriate and conducive to continued recovery and health and wellness strength-building. Therefore it seemed  more appropriate to provide expanded services here, in our facility. We already were running a nice variety of Food Services (which were very popular!) and the opportunity to expand occurred naturally.

The first phase of our expansion occurred as we began to take on interns within the scope of our own kitchen services. Then to the snack shop and coffee house ideas as we created more opportunity. Then came our appetizer and short-order format, which not only provided greater training opportunities but resulted in elevated healthfulness in our meal selection.