I recommend that we adopt a three-phase integration plan loosely based upon:

  1. The Present: what we are doing now. We should strive to catalog and describe all the various aspects of our current program (as well as its nuanced variants). This will serve as a baseline to launch from, and also document the current status of our programmatic service for purposes of comparison (and, if needed, reset) at any later point in time.
  2. Near-future (or near present) activities. These will be represented by the currently obtainable goals and objectives that we have the man-power and budget for, working from the present status.
  3. Future Ideals. This represents what our program could be, if we had the appropriations necessary to carry things out to the fullest of our Leadership Context designs.

By working in this manner, we can readily achieve a base-level in our Environment of Excellence, without unwieldy amounts of hours, labor, and personnel.

As we document our current service program, along with our more modest goals of achievement, we are positioning ourselves optimally for presentation to funding sources and Professional Network affiliations. This can only enhance our opportunity going forward.

Once the interim phase has been successfully demonstrated, further funding will look more attractive to Grant committees and Professional boards, etc.