Zones of Domination

Zones of Domination Complex Assemblage Even the most complex assemblage of structures has interconnections and developmental history. Just like the human brain, the evolution is built on top of preceding systems, typically utilizing the previous forms and functions to undergird the current edifice. There will be numerous service entrances and interconnected passageways, crawl-space, and duct-work. […]

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Zonal Domination: City Block, Neighborhood, District

Zonal Domination: City Block, Neighborhood, District Space is not just physical. Intangibles such as Information or Values can make up an even greater volume of virtual space. More… Viewed in this way, buildings are simply iterations of a cubical matrix of self-similar fractal units. Once they are cataloged and classified as Information Circuitry, these can

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Fractal Growth & Attainment

Fractal Growth & Attainment Infinite Growth Initially our enthusiasm was focused on the almost infinite replicability of Fractal systems and the potential this had for enormities of Growth. Once we had our Platform deputized, there was literally no limit to the recombinant Complexities we could create simply by stringing together consolidated associations. Then we discovered

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Agency Liaison Platform

Agency Liaison Platform An Integral Aspect of Our Engagement Spectrum Our Proprietary Platform Our Proprietary Platform is built from Online Information Systems and based on Social Architecture Methodology including Networks and Social Theory. At the heart of our program, it affords us a Dynamic Interface in Real-Time between our Clients, the Multi-level Community and our

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