The Agency Blueprints

That night when Tobin came back from his walk he found that table 12 had been transformed into a virtual table stretching out before them projecting possible blueprints for the merger. Five holographic screens were there with all prospective customers already lined up in neat lines waiting to take them through their inquiry or to give their input on design decisions or even order new furniture themselves.

Help Desk

for the
Universal Platform

Cosmic Trade and Commerce is Trans-Galactic, involving all Scales and Time Frames; Multiplicities, Virtualities, Parallels and Dimensionalities. Awake  or asleep, asleep or in Dreams, in Dreams or not in Dreams, the interoperability is multifarious and Super-Causal.

Information Flow through all Integrated Platforms resonates in the Cosmic Archives from which Infinite answers are available from the Help Desk console.

Our Leadership Can Guide the Western Powers to a Magnificent Vision for the Future

The tables and chairs grouped themselves in institutionally advantageous configurations, initiating synergistic collaboration in consultations with the CEO of the massive network organization.