Social Architect

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2005 - Present

10-01 Organization
Executive Agent

The 10-01 Organization is a Complex Adaptive Organization specializing in the creation of a Leadership Context in Emergent Holarchies and Emergent Learning Communities . Alongside Peer Recovery and other Community Services, it features Creative Specialties, a Website and Graphics Design specialist for Small Business, Personal Branding, eCommerce, and Entrepreneurship and upbeat, contemporary positioning for your product or services. Additionally, 10-01 boldly specializes in Social Architecture:

Social Architecture can leverage all the power of Social Networks theory plus the practical expertise of Community Building for real-world applications. Social Networks are perhaps the most important and fundamental concept in a vital and well functioning society. It represents Serious Engagement; consulting for Community Building, Grassroots Media, Branding, Leadership Context, and Complex Adaptive Organizations.

Consulting, and Services (including Activism Now! -social, political, and environmental activism, events, and Education) plus Estate Management. It also serves as home to several Indie publishing laboratories (including Blackwell’s Grove Publishers).

2013 - 2015


American Social Welfare System; Anthropology; Behavioral Management; Community and Urban Development; Composition and Rhetoric; Counseling Psychology; Creative Writing; Development of Sociological Theory; General Psychology; General Sociology; Group/Cross-Cultural Counseling; Inequality and Stratification; Phenomenology and Existentialism; Philosophy of Aesthetics; Philosophy of Art and Beauty; Political Sociology; Professional Social Work in Contemporary Society; Psychology of Personality; Race and Ethnic Relations; Research Methodology; Research Methods (Graduate); Social Change; Social Deviance; Social Problems in American Society; Social Psychology; Spatial Environmental Problems; Statistical Methods; Studies in Poetry

2010 - Present


Social Architecture (Community Building); Social Theory: (Networks, Dynamic Fields, Ecological Complexity, Holarchy); Social Psyche: (Creativity, Extended Cognition, Philosophy; Process-Relational, Integral); Appreciative Inquiry. Practicum: Creative Specialties, INTP, New Modalities, Creative Intuition/WholeBrain Specialties

About Me

Social Theory; Social Architecture; Creative Specialties: Author, Publisher, Composer/Producer, Website Design, Fine Art; Educator; Sociologist; Social Networks, Community Building.



ASU: Social Theory


Lenoir-Rhyne: Educational Research


Mecklenburg County Mental Health:
Behavioral Conditioning


Academy of Performing Arts:




Design University: WebDesign


Field Investigation:
L.K. Walker Adjusters


Danville-Pittsylvania Community Services


  • Excellent Social skills and an insightful and intuitive People person
  • Great Office and Clerical skills; including Office and Word Processing software; can Orchestrate and Delegate
  • Good Presentation skills; am comfortable presenting in front of small groups and in close proximity
  • Great Teaching skills and abilities (Talented); Gifted at Explaining
  • Excellent Listening and Counseling skills; Good Practical Sense and Clear-eyed Assessment; very Creative at finding Solutions; Excellent Coaching and Life-Coaching Abilities
  • Talented at Computer Graphics and Website Design (experience with relevant software); Artistic Eye for Arrangements and Composition
  • Talented Writer (Fiction or Non-Fiction; text, instruction, policy); Can verbalize and express well in written form
  • well-developed Documentation and Reporting skills
  • well-developed Research skills and abilities
  • a very able Learner; can learn new skills and abilities
  • Disciplined; can practice and learn to apply new skills well
Social Theory 100%
Web Design 87%
Arts: Graphic/Fine 93%
Social Architecture 94%
Complex Adaptive 92%
Author/Publishing 99%
Social Welfare/Peer Recovery 94%
yxyryu aikido 100%
metaphysical qabalah 100%
musicosophy 100%