Trans-Galactic Civilization

Extra Terrestrial & Multi-Dimensional Federations

Prepare for the Cosmic Journey

In the very near future, perhaps this year, we will witness the rise of transgalactic federations and intergalactic alliances, learn about extraterrestrial cultures, visit the various embassies and even become transdimensional ambassadors. With preparation as intergalactic agents, humans will receive training and the right equipment. Technology is advancing rapidly under extraterrestrial influence. Telepathic downloads provide us with access to advanced technology as well as theoretical knowledge. With such tools at our disposal, it’s essential that humans acquire knowledge of deep space information fields.

Their Museums Are Tops

They proudly showed us their Museum of Intergalactic Culture and, judging from the specimens, several transdimensional civilizations transcend carbon based bio-organics. Assessing the intricate detail of the statuettes, we remain unclear as to whether they are merely facsimiles or mineralized transfusions.

Many of these extraterrestrial citizens are made of silicon-polycarbonate resins and integrated carbon nanotubes because they are durable, lightweight, and freely conduct electricity. The graphene-silicon resins afford polycarbonate networks of advanced microcircuitry and the silicon nanocrystals act as quantum processors.

“We note that human cytoskeletal microtubules resonate to the frequency of ultraviolet wavelengths, allowing reception of akashic information from the cosmic field. In our graphene-silicon resins, the carbon nanotubes also facilitate wireless transceiving”.

We Got Anything We Wanted

What if you could access anything you wanted while travelling through deep space? Imagine what it would feel like to enjoy comfort and opulence while on a satellite vacation, far away from your home planet. With this technology, we can create scenarios that are much more than what our current lifestyles can offer. It’s going to be an incredible journey for those who explore these avenues -as vertical farmers, vagabonds, merchants, and entrepreneurs alike.

Forward-thinking merchants are about to enter a new age where their wildest dreams may soon come true! In the near future, we will be able to leverage alien technology to board interplanetary business flights, enabling merchants of the future to explore unimaginable branding opportunities, with unprecedented adventure and exploration opportunities for all mankind.

With the power of cutting-edge technology, the merchants of tomorrow are taking us beyond terrestrial boundaries and exploring worlds beyond our imaginations. With interplanetary silk-roads and transdimensional explorations, we can now access anything we desire at unimaginable speeds. This opens up a range of stellar business opportunities for daring entrepreneurs, a lifetime of growth and innovation awaits; the ultimate journey for cosmic thrill seekers.

They Came For Our Technology...

It was counterintuitive at first because we were quaking with fear over alien domination. As it turned out, they enjoyed our sense of wonder and awe, and they enjoyed kindness and sharing. They were eager to explain things and liked showing off. It turns out that they had forgotten how to play, lost touch with laughter and silliness, and were charmed with our simplicity and goofy behaviors.

While we were busy giving them our pepsi colas and bologna sandwiches, they were renewing their lost, tired souls. They had rediscovered a new and different philosophy that was not only useful, but sustainable in the environment of the universe. Our eagerness and lovability became a cherished resource to them. “This is why humankind has been having wars? Because you believe in a scarcity-based economy?” I was asked. “Yes, this is why humanity has been fighting wars,” I replied. “Humankind has neglected its precious soul because it believed that material goods were unobtainable except through struggle.” Everybody had a long laugh over this…

We Were Bored & Thought They Looked Cute...

Folks could see that they were good listeners because they routinely paused for careful consideration of our statements, even when we were mostly just joking around. In addition to this endearing practice, we liked being around them because all those blinking lights reminded us of sentient smartphones, and they constantly emitted the sweetest electronic sound effects. Of course we puzzled often over their funny mispronunciations, especially when came to place-names, but we were able to overlook this because as technological mentors, they knew so much more about science than we did. The important thing is that they meant well, and we enjoyed their company.

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Rare Botanicals

They taught us to appreciate the growing field of cryptobotany, which paid off for new avenues of trans-herbal entrepreneurship