Telepathic Activation and Intergalactic World-Building

Permit me to explain the meaning of 12 stranded DNA and DNA activation. There seems to be a community of humans who think that their molecular DNA consists of ‘phantom molecules’ in excess of the numeric facts. And that furthermore, Aliens from another Galaxy are switching these phantom molecules on because they developed humanity as slave labor to mine metallic gold in eastern africa and thus have the necessary experience to conduct further biohacking operations upon modern society.

These groups of ‘believers’ are victims of western deterministic indoctrinations that narrow their interpretative perspective down to rustic literalisms, causing the spirituality of the assertions to utterly escape their comprehension. These same people, uncomfortable with intellectual exploration, resent explanation and consequently may be excused from consideration of the following:

DNA activation is a semi-metaphorical truth. We know on a factual basis that the various epigenetic frameworks include early-immediate, mid-term and long standing effects which modify the inherited genetic expression common to all the body’s cells. We have established the veracity of psycho-emotional influence over epigenetic expression, not only in the event of traumas etc. but in the beneficial causality of nurture and bucolic environment in the health and wellbeing of both the mind and body. Neuroplasticity is well established alongside the role of neurotransmitters in personal variation.

That the body is intimately affected by psycho-emotional states is a well documented fact. For believers, no matter what the system of self-reflective truths may be, a psychosomatic subroutine becomes operationally de-rigueur. For Activation disciples, belief in the set of principles accompanying their chosen biases include a number of common psychosomatic manifestations (serving to validate their status as ‘Activated’). These become incorporated via their epigenetic expression and serve to ‘build’ their neurogenesis and bodily conditions accordingly, becoming self-reinforcing and recognized by their neurotransmitters as states of distinct phenomenology. In effect, their DNA (or more precisely its epigenetic expression) truly becomes Activated.

There is no dispute that we are on the same page here, although the mechanism of action may be debatable. However, where we diverge may be in the assertion that actual slave-holding Aliens are the cause, versus a belief that slave-holding Aliens are the cause. The former assertion is that these enslaving Aliens are manipulating some form of ancient technology that executes the activation mechanistically while our assertion is that they are affecting this change telepathically via well-known channels of benevolent contribution to a complex adaptive whole, reflecting itself beneficially in the epigenetic connectome. You might think of this as a trivial peccadillo, and you might be right as far as that goes, but bear with us as we explain why this distinction is important.

Let us now proceed to the topic of 12 stranded DNA. Rather than the deterministic version of phantom nucleotides, we need to recognize the metaphorical value of an Astrological model of Archetypal correspondences. That zodiacal constellations and starseed home-planets within federated galaxies are a major element of the dominant folklore here, goes without question. The issue is whether these believer-groups are just making things up and passing their publishing brand over on gullible readership. So long as the focus is upon materialistic determinism, the answer is ‘yes’.

But we are not asserting that the validity of such perspectives is found in materialistic determinism, but is transdimensional and sometimes supercausal. Again, the psycho-emotional resonance resulting from such belief-sets can be influential in the matter of epigenetic expression. This influence has a pronounced effect upon both the body and the plasticity of the brain as it leads to reshaping the neurogenesis and neurotransmitters by which signals operate. Clearly, an Astro-mythological worldview could affect a believer’s perception of her environment, and thereby her psychosomatic responses. A quick survey of personal testimonies turns up an overwhelming narrative of enhanced health and functioning under these conditions.

And now we turn to the stories about bio-hacking Aliens with slave labor for gold extraction purposes. This traumatizing mythos will, almost by self-definition, result in neuro-toxicity and detrimental epigenetic expression. What is the socio-adaptive purpose behind this detrimentalizing narrative? As the story goes, the hybrid hominids were genetically bred in East Africa, a region generally thought to include the birthplace of human social tribalization. It therefore mythopoiecally represents the development of early humanity. And what are the very features that we are discussing here? Why psycho-emotional response and subsequent epigenetic expression.

What we are getting at is that mining for gold is not a materialistic endeavor but a metaphor for something of value that comes from beneath the surface. And that something is the psycho-emotional energy stemming from the subliminal consciousness of all proto-humans. In other words, the psychosomatic epigenetic expressions of developing humanity have been mined by memetic uber-psyches who thrive off of the excessive psychic energy generated by fear. This effect is exploited by various partisan groups to this very day. And these exploitative egregori are making slaves of the gullible through the induction of fear and psycho-emotional trauma (especially such as found in these stories of Alien overlords). The truth of this story is contained within its effect on the very subconscious that it arouses.

And so we would advise not to look into a telescope for the appearance of Planet X (or Nibiru) but into the mirror instead. It is in this vein that we introduce this metaphysical concept to the field of Intergalactic World-Building with our invitation to enjoin our model community of enlightened psychonautical pioneers.

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