Fractal Growth & Attainment

Infinite Growth

Initially our enthusiasm was focused on the almost infinite replicability of Fractal systems and the potential this had for enormities of Growth. Once we had our Platform deputized, there was literally no limit to the recombinant Complexities we could create simply by stringing together consolidated associations. Then we discovered we could employ the same Platform units to bridge these Associate Complexities. We felt like the King of the World.

Fractal Organics

We liked the rigid symmetrical patterns afforded by these early Fractal structures because the conceptual units were self-same and easy to understand.

We soon noticed however, that Nature’s Fractals were vastly more diverse and  endowed with organically asymmetrical beauty,

Pythagorean Trees

Looking deeper into the wonders of Nature, we discovered that Fractal math was well suited for Digital Information Systems and that Information Architecture organized with a Branching or ‘Tree’ structure easily showed the relationships between the members.

Fractal Networks

The logical next step was to combine the simplicity of Fractals with the Complexity of Networks. This marriage resulted in Fractal Networks, characterized by their ‘Simplexity’.

Now our Platform was Organic and Adaptive, as well as featuring Infinite Replicability and Exponential Growth curves. We had created a Universal Paradigm.

From the Store-Front of Today...

Beginning with a Bottom-Up approach that emerged from the concerns of local Business Leaders, we designed a program that addressed our current needs and issues.

...Into the Future

The Generative Collaboration of this Executive Platform gave us a Meta-Systems Concept that Resonates with Extendable Design Experiences into the foreseeable Future.

Engineering Social Architecture

Suddenly our experience with Information Architecture and Community Building was steering us in a very powerful and important direction for current solutions and Future Sustainability. We had tapped in to Universal Principles at work in all Distributed Systems. We could see that they Learned and Adapted to their  environmental Context to Evolve.

Organizational Matrix
Enviable Street Campaigns
Global Network Applications
Proprietary Advantage
Executive Approach
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