Blackwell School: Where Learning is an Adventure

Blackwell School offers insightful, lifelong education in a unique context like no other. With individualistic subjects and world-wide collaboration, students can advance at a new level of accelerated personal expansion every day. We want you to succeed, not just for today, but for the future!

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The Education of Your Dreams

We’ve established the Blackwell School as one of the leading contemporary schools in the world. Our goal is to prepare students for global leadership in a 21st-century leadership context. We have an open door policy. 

The Blackwell School offers a range of innovative and progressive teaching methods, perfect for the education of your dreams.

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Only 4% of our population is adequately prepared for tomorrow’s complex environment, where advanced learning methods are both crucial and constant. Current educational modalities are artifacts of mass processing, engineered to crowd herds of boomers through institutional indoctrination for factory work with production-line mindsets. Sadly, this approach remains the norm. Don’t buy into it anymore: it outgrew its relevance in the 1980’s.

We’re right for you. Blackwell School offers affordable, one-day teacher-led experiences in our learning adventures and micro-classes, from a modern educationally-engaged setting. The results encourage our enthusiastic students with a number of creative teaching & learning motivations that can be seamlessly incorporated into their expanded life experience. New teaching methodologies offer students the ability to experience the joys of learning in endless variety without limits or frustration. 

Exceed the boundaries of your current education system and start living!