About Our Headmaster

Every student is her own headmaster: the top administrator of our Futuristic School. The headmaster is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the school and its operations. This approach empowers rather than alienates. Why abdicate your own sovereign authority? This includes managing the staff, budget, and curriculum, both individually and as a team. It also includes ensuring that all students are safe and engaged in their chosen educational goals. Knowledgeable self-advocacy is essential to a successful, effective philosophy of life and alongside this, advocacy for the wellbeing of others. The headmaster is responsible for working with the student body as a global whole to ensure our world retains fairness, opportunity and Meaning for all our fellow citizens.

Modernistic Student


  1. Supervise all aspects of operations: staff, budget, curriculum, etc.

    When a school first opens its doors, it has many different departments that need to be managed. With the right amount of oversight and experience, these departments can run smoothly. More important, these departments need to be created, staffed and maintained. Department creation requires deep insight into personal psychology and the forthcoming sociology of the future. These subjects are profound, emergent and fluid over time: creativity and flexibility are essential. Staffing requires constant vigilance and a good supportive employment program coupled with excellent recruiting are must haves. And of course budget and appropriations are the engines which undergird the entire franchise. Creative funding is required at this stage.

  2. Safety and Engagement: Ensure students are safe and engaged in their education. Safety is under the auspices of policy and regulation. There is some input on this, as workarounds abound. Engagement is up to the Social Architect, a position of rare candidacy.

  3. A Good Support System: we are ultimately all responsible for our own well being and this will mean developing an effective and dependable support group.

  4. Communication skills: Work with faculty members to ensure they are on-board and relevant. Proper and Constructive Feedback is a necessary skillset. These skills only work if you apply them.

  5. Stress Management: Manage stress and psycho-emotional wellbeing on a daily basis

  6. GTD: Goals and expectations are the main purpose here. Ensure that all students meet academic standards. Help one another: we are all in this together. Social and recreational activities are also important (see #5, above) and being able to successfully manage your time and juggle these diverse schedules is of utmost importance.

  7. Scheduling and Time Management: Coordinate logistics for school events

  8. Professional: Your education should not only benefit you but should open doors for professional development at all levels. Complex Adaptive Systems are synergistic and symbiotic: when one benefits, we all benefit. To enhance the Systemic Whole, your educational journey should simultaneously result in a career development plan for each teacher.

  9. Financial Contribution: you are responsible for the school’s finances and solvency. Be ready to plan, assess and prepare financial reports and funding drives.

As Headmistress of your sovereign Holarchy, you will be the Chief Holon and your tribe is rallying around your unique leadership and personal expertise. We are a serious institution and not a vending machine in the lobby of antiquated mindsets from yesterday’s flakey and outdated consumerism. You must embody the change you wish to make in this world and we’re proud of you.