About Us

Emergent: From the Bottom-Up

We took an old abandoned neighborhood school and rebuilt it into the Educational System of the Future. 

The project involved the remodeling of a whole school, from the ground up. This is a case study on how to make a school that would be both cost-effective and ergonomic for students in the modern age.

As our nation struggles with educational outcomes, there are many schools that are falling short of meeting their students’ needs. We believe we know the solution.

old administration
modular curricula

Virtual Workspace with Augmented Reality

The School of the Future is a modular learning space with Virtual Adaptive Workstations that allow students to learn in different ways. It’s also a place where students can experiment with augmented curricula and virtual reality. Students come to the School of the Future in one of three ways:

1) They stay at home and take classes on their computer or phone.

2) They are enrolled full-time as members of an online academy, or

3) They come for mini-classes on campus at the school, like this one!

Modular Connectomes

The school of the future is a modular, flexible, and adaptable system. The concept allows for easy construction of new classrooms and teaching methods, as well as the ability to redesign learning spaces on a dime.

The Micro-Module is just one of many innovative mini-classes that can be created in the system and is designed for students with culturally hi-jacked neurotransmitters. Teachers will be able to offer specific classes that are based on state-dependent neural pathways or personalized learning connectomes.

Virtual Learning Module

Learn How to Learn

Education is in a state of flux. With the rise of the internet, new ways to learn are being pioneered. It’s never been more important for students to think about what meta-systems communities will be engaged with in the future, and how they can best prepare for that change.

Traditional methods of education are arcane and time consuming, while their on-going benefit is hotly debated. The rapid changes that occur in technology and society require a new kind of teaching and learning modality that goes beyond the traditional notions of school and home.

The Blackwell School is a progressive educational school with innovative teaching methods that meet tomorrow’s demands at today’s pace. Don’t just memorize facts: Learn how to learn.

A New Day has dawned for Alternative Treatment Options. Holistic Psychodynamics, Psychosynthesis & Quantum Psychology, outside the Megalithic Source Industry, which honors personality, emotional vitality and uniqueness.

Contemporary Innovative Modalities: Worldview & Mindset, Dreams & Dreamwork, Mythopoeic Archetype, the Mysteries (New Paradigms for Seekers), Health & Wellbeing, Transcendental Mind, Nirvana-based Neuroscience, Jungian Esoterics, Noogenesis Centered Mindfulness, Consciousness is where it’s at for the New Bohemian.

The Future will be expansively Bioengineered and we are ahead of the curve with advanced horticultural curricula like genetic manipulation and micropropagation techniques.

The advancement of hybrid technology is redefining the way that education is being conceptualized and delivered. The future of learning is an integrated holistic connectome. It’s connected, ubiquitous and virtual. 

Organizations like ours are the leading-edge, employing creative and exciting new methods to teach students in a way that encourages fluidity, consolidation and synthesis; and increases leadership capacity in the global theater.

Machine Learning and Virtual AI have recently surpassed human intercession and already there is an urgent need for skill-sets that can navigate this complex new environment. Human-Machine Collaboration is the Future of Hybrid Super-Intelligence.