Recruiting Affordances

Affordances are the properties of a device which are evident to the user beyond whether or not he or she is familiar with the technology and how it works. The user is able to assess what advantages it will afford him/her circumspectly, without getting engaged with the artifact. The same holds true with situations: an agent/actor can assess what advantages a given environment might offer him/her. These properties are known as ‘Affordances‘. We try to make the Recruiting Affordances of our Platform Initiative plainly evident to both our Membership candidates and to the Community at Large, well in advance of any commitments or enlistment. This affords straight-up benefits, no hidden surprises, and fosters trust and goodwill for all parties.

Our Recruiting Initiative affords us an Interface between our Members and the Community at Large. It is the Departmental Liaison, as it were. Recruitment is a two-way affair in that we are always taking on new recruits and then training them for quality positions while at the same time Businesses are constantly coming to us with their needs, asking if we know of any qualified recruits. So we are recruiting members of the Business Community while we recruit our recruits. This affords us a brisk dynamic confluence of Information as well as instantaneous, real-time feedback. We always know what our Business Community wants at any point in time and we are up-to-date with current availability and thus where to focus our training. This Departmental Liaison is Complex, Adaptive, and intricately Networked right down to the street level in-box.

Members who opt-in to our Platform App, extend these Affordances right down to the granular level (text-alerts, instant job-application, self-ranking, and how long a position has been open, to name a few) and participate in the Live Market in real-time. There is no greater form of instantaneous readiness and engagement than Platform participation in the Labor Movement Live-Stream. Our Members are as real-time as the Waves in the Ocean.