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Diplodicus rex drains Lake Superior

I believe it was Sears, or perhaps it was Kmart…you remember the longest running bankruptcy in modern history? I was a field investigator for a prestigious independent adjuster, doing multi-million dollar cases for counties and large metropolitan projects. And between cases, I got called in for the liquidation of one of their stores. My investigative talents just wouldn’t rest until I got to the bottom of what seemed like an endless labyrinth of profligate intentionalities designed to sabotage a liquid business franchise.

I will defer that story to some other time but what I discovered along the way was quite profound. The Sears/Kmart Legacy System was a masterpiece in Complex Adaptive Engineering! Among its most surprising features were:

  • It was a graduate course in emergent ad hoc assemblage
  • Constituted by opposing modular business units
  • Built on shifting, eroded, and indeterminate foundations of price and profitability
  • which afforded bargaining options of infinite fractal granularity
  • run by dinosaurs committed to antique managerial practices
  • resulting in tragically severe missed opportunity and a hodge-podge of misfortune.

Despite all that, it could have become the New Retail Amazon!

However, and this is just one man’s opinion, one faction was trying their best to save the business while another faction was trying their best to close the business. With a reservoir of wealth the size of Lake Superior, even if you drain out thousands of gallons a day, it will take decades to reach depletion. And there are always subsidiary interests, looking to vulture-ize the procedures.

"Our Investigation of Security and IT Services revealed a New Perspective on Business vulnerabilities; It gave us a Bird's Eye view of what really goes on with daily business transactions."
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Snakes & Dragons

Large Scale Security is equipped to battle Dragons. But hackers have adapted to Defensive Fortresses and with modern tactics have become like millions of tiny snakes. Both parties adapt and change continuously but the Terrain is the determining factor.

Hackers and internet security threats become more sophisticated every day.

During our Research and Investigations, it became evident that Security was being granted privileges far beyond the constraints of day-to-day business. Beyond this the added cost (in both money and production inefficiencies) began to focus our attention on the Complexities emerging from a Systems perspective. 

As we began to look deeper (behind the curtain, so to speak) new discoveries came to light that were immediately applicable to the ‘Front End’ aspects of doing business. Suddenly the topology shifted and New Horizons began to open up, revealing piles of money left on the table and squandered in every transaction. We are not specifically efficiency experts but what we saw made our eyes pop out in astonishment! We discovered a hidden goldmine in financial dark matter. 80% of the business universe is going untapped.

We are not advocating a discontinuation of Security Services by any means (although a certain percentage of this untapped goldmine of opportunity is likely being siphoned away by ongoing cat-and-mouse games between Security and the supposedly ‘corrupt’ hackers). Still, Security is a good idea (as well as a legal requirement).

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Asymmetrical Recruiting & Fractal Granularity

Likewise, Business logistics and Consumer Engagement are a Complex Adaptive Reciprocity; one with infinite scalable dimensions from network collectivities to infinitesimal nano-sectors. The Business Topology will be a massive advantage to the wise and informed Fractal Cartographer.

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Pan-Integral Technologies

Take a minute and contemplate the vast assemblage of distributed digital technologies: everything from wrist-watches to thermostats. Some are active while others are passive; yet a great many of the passive microprocessors are networked to and controlled by a smart device. From registered warranties to user passcodes, the potential for Big Data assimilation expands by the minute. This has not escaped notice in the quest for Global Dominion.

If you are not in the game (on one side or the other) you will be left sitting on the sidelines or relegated to being the waterboy. When the ship sails, all the passengers are in for a fantastic voyage of almost infinite riches (compared with ordinary historical standards). You want to get onboard!

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Distributed Technology Systems that have evolved into massive Complex Adaptive Networks

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Hurricanes & Blue Water

Weather is a Complex Dynamic System which emerges from stable coherent Attractors that learn from their environment and leverage the terrain.

These are capable of quenching the fiercest droughts and re-distributing global temperature gradients but conversely of causing the greatest chaos and destruction.

Complexity or chaos: the choice is yours.

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What do you pay for your (absolutely necessary!) current network services? Now, what can you do with them?

Essentially, you are stuck in the late 1990's suffering under the burden of antiquated paradigms.

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